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Pat Petersen and Doug Young in their Renaissance garb.

PERFORMANCE/WORKSHOP: Music and Instruments of the Renaissance
(2 artists)
Performance length: 45 – 60 minutes
Grades: K-12
Other populations: Seniors, after-school, libraries, summer camp, transitional housing
Available: Flexible
Artist fees: $650 for 1 performance; $800 for 2 performances in 1 day at the same school/venue
Mileage fees: state rate per mile for venues outside of the Triangle

Summary/purpose: Invite artists who specialize in the time of the Renaissance to come into your school and let students experience music from the 15th through 17th centuries! Our artists will demonstrate and give historical background of instruments like the crumhorn, pipe and tabor and various sizes of recorders (piccolo to contrabass). Information about culture, geography and clothing of the time will be discussed. This program can be presented as an interactive workshop for smaller groups (less than 30 students; recommended for older students) or as a concert performance for larger groups (30-200). Contact: office(at)mallarmemusic(dot)org


King George

PERFORMANCE/WORKSHOP: Musick Fit for a King (4 or 2 artists)
Performance length:50 minutes
Artist fees: $850 one concert; $1,100 two concerts in one day at the same school. (There will be additional travel fees for venues outside a 45 mile radius from Durham.)
Summary/purpose: Listen to and learn about Baroque music played on period instruments that was composed in the courts of European kings and queens. The program will be performed on Baroque violin, viola, cello and harpsichord. Music by Henry Purcell (Queen Mary II), Domenico Scarlatti (John V of Portugal), Georg Friedrich Handel (George I & II) and Jean Baptiste Lully (Louis XIV)

WORKSHOP: for string and keyboard players, grades 6-12; also appropriate for musicians, grades 6-12.
Workshop fees: $450 one workshop; $650 two workshops in one day at the same school. (There will be additional travel fees for venues outside a 30 mile radius from Durham.)
Summary/purpose: The 1.5 hour workshop focuses on the evolution of modern stringed and keyboard instruments with demonstration and performance on period instruments. If there is time, students may be given the opportunity to try the instruments. 2 teaching artists; 50 students maximum per workshop.

CONTACTS: Suzanne Rousso, office(at)mallarmemusic(dot)org