Yes, that Nosferatu, the premiere vampire movie released in 1922 as a silent film directed by F.W. Murnau. To celebrate Halloween come and watch the creepy film accompanied by live chamber music at The Cary!

THE FILM: Murnau had wanted to film a version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but his studio was unable to obtain the rights to the story. Murnau decided to film his own version, and made only slight changes to the narrative. The resulting film has many similarities to Stoker’s original tale. So many similarities that Stoker’s estate sued for copyright infringement and won. Though all existing prints of Nosferatu were court-ordered to be destroyed, a number of copies of the film had already been distributed around the world. These prints were then copied over the years, resulting in Nosferatu gaining a reputation as one of the greatest movie depictions of the vampire legend of all time.

THE MUSIC: is a compilation of North Carolinian composer, Eric Schwartz’s horror-themed experimental chamber works, music culled from the history of the horror film score, traditional sources and the work of other contemporary composers. This eclectic film/live music performance will be scary, funny and sometimes just plain weird, and will serve as the perfect Halloween theatrical experience.

THE PLAYERS: Carla Burns flute, Suzanne Rousso viola, Michael Burns bassoon, James Douglass keyboard, John Beck, percussion, Eric Schwartz, composer and DJ.

Tickets $15 Adults /students free.

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